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What's GOing on in August 2021?

August Updates are here with not a lot of new information sadly but here's what's coming:

  • Shadow Ho-Oh available from the Super Rocket Radar

  • Chimecho as Research Breakthrough

  • Dialga, Palkia & a TBA Legendary Raid

  • Mega Charizard-X, Ampharos, Beedrill & Pidgeot in Mega Raids

  • Weekly 1 PokéCoin Bundle with a Remote Raid Pass

  • New Spotlight Hour Pokémon: Magnemite, East & West Sea Shellos, Wooloo & Skwovet

  • Dialga, 2x Palkia, Zacian & Zamazenta Raid Hour

  • Ultra Unlock Part 1 Event

  • Ultra Unlock Part 2 Event

  • Ultra Unlock Part 3 Event

  • Eevee Community Day

  • GO Battle Night


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