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Top 2021 Mobile Games for each generation

AppAnnie has recently produced a report breaking down mobile gaming in 2021 based on monthly users’ age (among many other things).

Mobile gaming is a market that shows no sign of stopping (as indicated in AppAnnie’s report), and that is set to surpass $120 billion (USD) in players’ spending for 2021 ($100 billion USD in 2020, AppAnnie).

This spending prediction corresponds to 3.1 times the spending observed on consoles/PC.

Note that the data below is determined by monthly American users based on their group age.

Gen Z (16–24)

#1 Roblox

#2 Among Us

#3 Pokémon Go

Millennials (25–44)

#1 Homescapes

#2 Toon Blast

#3 Coin Master

Gen X and Baby Boomer (45+)

#1 Candy Crush

#2 Wordscapes

#3 New Words With Friends

Are you playing the top games for your age?

We most certainly are not, but it remains interesting to see that older people have a higher tendency to play casual games that require less of a long investment (time-wise), compared to younger generations. Clearly, they are generally more likely to have responsibilities and engagements that will require them to be able to disconnect rapidly.

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