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Welcome to the Season of GO

ūüďÖ Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:00 a.m. ‚Üí Thursday, September 1, 2022 10:00 a.m. (local time)

Pokémon GO Fest

Saturday, June 4, 2022 and Sunday, June 5, 2022

Are you ready for the kickoff of our global Pok√©mon GO Fest 2022 event? Get ready to encounter the Mythical Pok√©mon Shaymin ‚Äď the Gratitude Pok√©mon, for the very first time in Pok√©mon GO!


A mysterious stranger approaches…

Rhi is a member of the GO Ultra Recon Squad. They also seem to know a lot about Ultra Wormholes. Who is this enigmatic stranger? How can they help us with the Ultra Beasts? We’ll just have to play along and see where this takes us...

Seasonal Bonuses

  • Increased friendship bonus damage for Raids

  • Lure Module duration extended to one hour

  • One extra Special Trade per day

  • One extra Pok√©mon Candy when trading Pok√©mon

  • Guaranteed Candy XL when trading Pok√©mon

  • Guaranteed Gifts from Pok√©Stop spins

  • Increased damage for Pok√©mon participating in Raids remotely

  • Earlier XL Candy Access

From the Season of GO onward, we are reducing the level requirement necessary to obtain Candy XL. Now, all Trainers, level 31 and above will be able to get Candy XL as a reward!

Community Days

  • Saturday, June 25, 2022: To be announced

  • Sunday, July 17, 2022: To be announced

  • Saturday, August 13, 2022: To be announced

GO Battle League

  • New cups like: Fossil Cup, the Summer Cup and GO Fest catch cup

  • 2022 Pok√©mon World Championships coming in August

Get out there, test your mettle against other Trainers, and see how far you can advance in the seasonal rankings!

Seasonal Changes

As the Season changes, different Pokémon will be appearing in different areas across the world!

Wild spawns

Biome-specific spawns - these Pokémon (and more!) will be spawning in certain real-world habitats:

  • Cities: Rattata‚ú®, Koffing‚ú®, Aipom‚ú®, Bronzor‚ú®, Croagunk‚ú®, Patrat‚ú®, Galarian Stunfisk‚ú®and more!

  • Forrests: Oddish‚ú®, Weepinbell, Tangela‚ú®, Shuckle‚ú®, Shroomish, Cherubi‚ú®, Foongus

  • Mountains: Sandshrew‚ú®, Onix‚ú®, Phanpy‚ú®, Aron‚ú®, Trapinch‚ú®, Hippopotas‚ú®, Golett and more!

  • Beaches&Water: Tentacool‚ú®, Krabby‚ú®, Horsea‚ú®, Corphish‚ú®, Spheal‚ú®, Dewpider and more!

Hemisphere-specific spawns - these Pokémon (and more!) will be spawning in each real-world region:

  • Northern Hemisphere: Ledyba‚ú®, Treecko‚ú®, Torchic‚ú®, Mudkip‚ú®, Combee‚ú®, Gible‚ú®, Summer Form Deerling and more!

  • Southern Hemisphere: Spinarak‚ú®, Larvitar‚ú®, Turtwig‚ú®, Chimchar‚ú®, Piplup‚ú®, Winter Form Deerling and more!

Egg Hatches

The following Pokémon (and more!) will be hatching from each type of egg:

  • 2 km ūü•ö: Poliwag‚ú®, Magnemite‚ú®, Magikarp‚ú®, Meditite‚ú®, Pikipek, Yungoos‚ú®, Stufful‚ú® and more!

  • 5 km ūü•ö: Togepi‚ú®, Skarmory‚ú®, Wynaut‚ú®, Bronzor‚ú®, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and more!

  • 10 km ūü•ö: Riolu‚ú®, Emolga, Axew, Rufflet‚ú®, Goomy, Noibat, Jangmo-o and more

  • 5 km Adventure Sync ūü•ö: Cranidos‚ú®, Shieldon‚ú®, Happiny‚ú®, Munchlax, Roggenrola‚ú®, Frillish

  • 10 km Adventure Sync ūü•ö: Dratini‚ú®, Bagon‚ú®, Beldum‚ú®, Riolu‚ú®, Deino‚ú®, Goomy

(‚ú®= shiny form available)


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