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Pokémon UNITE - Top Fails #1

As week 2 of Pokémon UNITE on the Nintendo Switch recently came to a close, we thought important to highlight the best fails we have see so far, whether they be the consequences of a lack of communication between players, or of a simple glitched game mechanic.

In this first edition, we bring you our five favorite FAILS among the thousands gameplay clips shared by the community on social media, along with a special mention!

This will be a recurring piece. If you wish for your footage to be highlighted, please submit it here with the subject line Pokémon UNITE fail.

You may submit more than one clip, however please note that your clip(s) must be 20 seconds or less in length.

Special Mention

Although it would have also fit among the Top 5, this clip definitely deserved a special mention for Sweiko's (playing Cinderace) perseverance.


#5 - When Aipom says no

In this first clip, we see how Juanskee (playing Venusaur), attempts to score a valuable 37 points, only to get denied by a wild Aipom.


#4 - When your team fails to click X

Were they bots? Were they rookies? We'll never know, but for sure Pikachu and Greninja failed hard on this one. Poor hagridbish (playing Crustle)...


#3 - When Snorlax pulls you back

If you have played MOBAs in the past, this one is a classic Blitzcrank. Clearly a game mechanic fail that we have here, but surely a funny one. Poor Kingdra (playing Zeraora)...


#2 - When Eldegoss says no

If there is one thing any UNITE players has experienced, it's miscommunication or simply the lack of it. In this one, clearly Arcan9 (playing Zeraora) scoring their 50 points would have been more beneficial to the team, but the team's support casually coming in to score a mere 20 points and then walking away like nothing happened is certainly a laughable one.


#1 - When Crustle denies your UNITE move

Finally, probably the funniest one we've seen, this one also highlights how frequent miscommunications are (or as stated earlier, how lacking communications are in Pokémon UNITE). Crispybread1 (playing Talonflame) gets ready for the kill with their UNITE move, and, of course, Crustle swoops in and hardcore-denies its own teammate. At least in this one you can see how Crustle feels bad by the way he just stands there.


Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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