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Pokémon UNITE Holiday Event

Snow will cover the map in Pokémon UNITE for the Holiday Festivities!

Start: December 9, 2021

End: January 16, 2022

Special Quick Mode - Shivre City

Dec. 15 - Jan. 16

Delibird will appear as a wild Pokémon in the Shivre City map, and may deliver presents which will allow players single use Items from nine Batte Items throughout your battles (i.e. you will not be able to select a Battle Item at the start of the Battle, but will be able to choose many single use Battle Items throughout your Battles).

Knocked Out Pokémon will turn into snowmen that cannot move. Basic attacks will make you jump in the air, while special moves will make you do fun poses.

Snowmen then return to their Pokémon form and join back the battle.

Articuno will also replace Avalugg for the duration of the event.

Illumination Challenge

Dec. 15 - Jan. 16

Select the Holiday Tree from the Lobby to complete missions and challenges to earn lights. These lights serve to light up a Christmas Tree and earn special rewards including a Trainer snapshot frame and background, a 1-day limited license, Trainer fashion items, and more.

Free Trials

Jan. 1 - 4

ALL Pokémon Licenses will be available for FREE to all players (outside of Ranked Matches).

Special Holowear + Dragonite joins in

From January 1-4, ALL Pokémon will be available to play for FREE (except in Ranked Matches), including the newly [to be] released Dragonite (releases Dec. 20). Dragonite is a Melee All-Rounder.

Mamoswine, Dragonite, Blastoise, Garchomp, and Gardevoir will receive special Holiday-Style Holowear (date to be determined).

Crustle will receive a special Premium Christmas Cake-Style Holowear, and Pikachu will receive a special Premium Holiday-Style Holowear (date to be determined).

Cramorant, Mr. Mime, and Snorlax will receive special Cook-Style Holowear (date to be determined).

Photo Challenge

Dec. 26 - Jan. 6

Collect Snowflakes by participating in Battles and reveal a special picture.

Log-in Gifts

Free daily gifts from Dec. 24 through Jan. 1.

Between Dec. 25 and 28, players can redeem one gift containing either Aeos Coins, Holowear Tickets, Aeos Tickets, or item enhancers. Choose wisely!

Between Dec. 29 and 31, players can redeem a special gift giving them access to a License for FREE for seven days (players can choose from six Pokémon).

On Jan. 1, make sure to log in to claim a FREE avatar item!


Special Holiday-themed avatar items and stickers will be available through exchange of Presents or via the in-game Shop.


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