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Pokémon UNITE: August 18, 2021 patch notes

Pokémon UNITE anniunced a quick patch scheduled for August 18, 2021 that is expected to balance the follwings.

When: August 18, 2021 - 7:00 a.m. UTC

Please note that some bug fixes were translated from the Japanese version of the patch notes, and therefore may contain some translation errors.

Buff = Increase

Nerf = Decrease


  • Eject: Longer cooldown

  • Goal-Getter: Cooldown reduction

  • Fluffy Tail: Effect buff

  • X Attack: Effect buff

Wild Pokémon

Avalugg‘s effects will be nerfed.

Pokémon/Licenses Updates


  • Fixed a bug where special attacks did not lower the opponent's Pokemon's special defense.

  • Psychic: Now lowering the special defense of the targeted Pokémon.


  • Snow Warning: Fixed a bug where Pokémon invisible hiding in the grass were also affected by the attack.

  • Aurora Veil: Fixed a bug where Snow Warning’s cooldown was increasing while activated.


  • Basic Attack: Fixed a bug where movement speed was increasing while a boosted attack was being activated.


  • Unite Move: Fixed a bug where the Unite Move‘s gauge could not be actively stored after use.


  • Smoke Screen: Effects nerf + longer cooldown.

  • Water Shuriken: Cooldown reduction + Damage buff.

  • Substitute: Cooldown reduction.


  • Heavy Slam: Damage nerf.

  • Block: Shortened the duration of the effect on the targeted Pokémon.

  • Flail: Effects buff.

  • Unite Move: HP recovery has been nerfed.


  • Surf: Shortened the duration of the effect on the targeted Pokémon.

  • Scald: Damage buff.


  • Stats: Movement speed buff.

  • Bulldoze: Damage buff.

  • Dragon Rush: Cooldown reduction.


  • Stealth rock: Cooldown reduction + Damage buff.

  • Rock Tomb: Damage buff.


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