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Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Where to find all Hisuian starters?

Recently put your hands on the long awaited Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Then you have most certainly noticed how different the game is from previous main series Pokémon games. Worry not, most things you used to do in previous games is still doable, although somewhat differently.

In this article, we’ll dive into the mechanics allowing you to collect all three Hisuian starters (Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet) on your Hisuian adventure. Grab some patience and more importantly some luck on your way, you will need a lot of it!

Of course, this can all be avoided through trading, but if like myself you’re a lone wolf, this post will help you.

Please note that there are two ways to get ALL Hisuian starters on your own, and both require completion of the game to work.


Professor Laventon

Let us start by pointing out that arguably the easiest and only guaranteed way to put your hands on the other two Hisuian starters is by completing the game. Returning to Professor Laventon, he will ask to take other Pokémon with you on your journey. If you picked Cyndaquil at the beginning, he will give you Oshawott and Rowlet; and so on. Professor Laventon can be found in the Jubilife Village, in the Galaxy Building.

Space-Time Distortions

Sounds complex? Quite easy, but it will require A LOT of patience and luck. In short, this technique will require you to complete the game. Doing so will create Space-Time Distortions, which will randomly occur in various locations. When these take place, make sure to use them as Hisuian starters and their evolutions will appear in select locations, giving you the opportunity to battle and catch them.

Here’s where you can find each starter and its evolutions.

  • Cyndaquil: Crimson Mirelands

  • Oshawott: Alabaster Islands

  • Rowlet: Mount Coronet

Feels vague? That’s because it is; starters are never meant to be easy to catch. Welcome to the grind!

What are Space-Time Distortions?

Space-Time Distortions are a new and unique encounter mechanic introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Visually, they will appear on the map (see image below) as some sort of a stormy black hole in the sky. You will generally have around five minutes to reach the area where it’s taking place. Generally, players will receice a notification when taking place in the surrounding area. As you get closer, a large dome will appear in the targeted aread.

When appearing, Space-Time Distortions will generally bring Pokémon that can strictly be found within them. Along with the Hisuian starters, Pokémon that can be found inside include Porygon, Magnemite, Johtonian Sneasel. Stronger Pokémon will generally appear in groups of three.

Along with these exclusive Pokémon, rare items can also be found within Space-Time Distortions including Stardust, Comet Shards, and evolution items. We strongly recommend that you run around and grab the items BEFORE attempting to battle any Pokémon.


Make sure to keep an eye on our website! More Pokémon Legends: Arceus content is available and more is coming soon!

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