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New Social Features coming to Pokémon GO

New social features are coming to help bring people together to enjoy Pokémon GO, new bonuses for participating in local raid battles, and changes to items in the in-game shop.

The new social features, some of which are based in a separate Niantic app, have been tested over time and will be available in Pokémon GO sometime in the next few months. These features will make it easier for Trainers to communicate with each other, discover new communities, and enjoy local raid battles.

As of this month, Mega Energy and Rare Candy XL are available as rewards for completing local raid battles, making it easier to evolve and strengthen your Pokémon. Also, starting on May 23, the shop’s 1 PokéCoin Event Box will no longer include Remote Raid Passes and will instead feature a rotating array of items.

To support players who have difficulty reaching Gyms, Pokémon GO will continue to work on solutions such as tools for community leaders to organize local events and faster approval for new Gyms.


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