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New Feature: Power up PokéStops

Pokémon GO announces Powered-Up PokéStops, a feature that will make new use of the [AR Mapping tasks introduced last year]

You’ll be able to power up certain PokéStops and Gyms for a limited period of time by completing AR Mapping tasks.

Powered-Up PokéStops will look different on the map, and any Trainer who spins one will earn extra rewards.

As more Trainers level 20 and above perform AR scans of a PokéStop, the rewards for spinning it will increase, and the PokéStop will be powered up for a longer period of time.

Powered-Up PokéStops will have three visually distinct levels, and they’ll level up as more Trainers work together to scan the PokéStop. The scanning requirements to achieve each level are as follows.

Level 1: 5 scans → Increased items

Level 2: 10 scans → Level 1 bonus + bonus hearts for Pokémon Buddy

Level 3: 25 scans → Level 1&2 bonuses + increased Pokémon spawns around the

PokéStop, and additional Premier Balls in Raids (if a Gym)

To scan a PokéStop, go to the PokéStop or Gym’s details page and tap the three dots in the upper right. You must be level 20 or above to complete AR Mapping tasks.

1. Tap Scan PokéStop

2. Opt in to the feature via the on-screen prompts if it’s your first time performing a scan.

3. Tap the record button to start scanning. Keep the subject within the frame, and slowly walk around the subject if possible.

4. Tap Upload Later or Upload Now to upload your scan.


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