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Last Minute Tips and Tricks for the XXL Community Day

The XXL Community Day is coming up this weekend, which means that there is a lot to prepare for! Here are some last Minute Tips and Tricks that will help you.

  • Clear your Pokémon storage as much as possible

  • Delete items that you don't need, you will need more space for Pokéballs

  • Save up lots of Pokéballs, open Gifts, and spin Pokéstops for that

  • Set Eevee as your Buddy to either walk 10 km with it, for Umbreon or Espeon, or to earn 70 hearts with it, so you can evolve it into Sylveon

  • Tag the Pokémon that you plan to evolve during Community Day for the special move

  • If you can, save up your 7-day catch bonus until Community Day has started to earn more stardust

  • Save up some Sinnoh stones for Evolutions

  • Charge a spare Battery / Powerbank if you plan to play outside

And with that, you should be all set for this Community Day Weekend!

Happy Community Day!


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