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Everdale: Review + Tips/FAQs

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

While you may believe that Everdale is like an other idle game, you would be wrong. The game will require your attention [almost] at all times, at least during the early levels or when using Nectar.

If you are looking for our Tips/FAQs, click HERE.

We are still in the process of trying out the game, our review will come out soon. Stay tuned.

Here are a few tips (IN PROGRESS, REGULARLY UPDATED) for anyone starting the game (i.e. things I wish I had known from the start):

  • Moving Buildings

  • Buildings can be moved by holding them (but cannot be pivoted), then moving them where desired;

  • Your Village Kitchen cannot be moved.

  • Villagers

  • A new Villager can be unlocked at the following Study levels: 2, 4, 5.

  • Villagers' names can be modified tapping them > tapping their Info button > tapping their name at the top of the screen.

  • Otto’s Trading Booth

  • Otto will be your main source of income (Coins). Trading in requested resources will reward you Coins (Tasks).

  • Soup

  • It is wise to always keep a villager in the Pumpkin Patch to ensure that villagers have always soup ready (easier when you have 3+ villagers);

  • Soup will automatically be made from Pumpkins, but can also be made [manually] from Berries, Mushrooms, and Eggs.

  • Nectar

  • 30 Nectars = 5 days (IRL), while it is best to use it when you are planning to be active for 30 minutes straight, you can always pause the use of your Nectar.

  • Scrolls

  • Scrolls are used to expedite research.

  • Trees/Wood

  • Stumps eventually disappear on their own, but you can build over them.

  • To increase efficiency, it is recommended to move your Wood Storage next to your Villagers chopping wood;

  • You will eventually unlock (Study level 3) a Dormant Evergrove that will provide an infinite resource of wood.

  • Berries

  • Berries will grow back on their own sporadically at a low rate.

  • Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms will grow back on their own sporadically at a low rate.

  • Clay

  • You will eventually unlock (Study level 3) a Clair pit that will provide an infinite resource of clay;

  • To increase efficiency, it is recommended to move your Clay Storage next to your Villagers collecting clay.

  • Stone

  • Stone collection can be unlocked with the Study (Level 5);

  • At Study Level 5, you can unlock a Stone Mine that will provide an infinite resource of stone.

  • Currency

  • There are various currencies in the game:

  • Coins: Used for purchase of unlocked buildings.

  • Gems: Official in-game currency, can be purchased and used in the Shop.

  • Hearts: Rewarded when completing certain tasks from the Valley. Collecting them will improve your Reputation Road, and unlock various rewards as you progress.

  • Events

  • Events have been introduced in Everdale through Valleys. A guest will come to your Valley with a series of limited time tasks to be completed in order to unlock various rewards for your Valley.

  • Valleys

  • What is Valley?

  • Valleys are growing city hubs where you collaborate with other players by building or even trading together. Upon unlocking Valleys, you will be automatically associated to an existing Valley.

  • Valleys are where you will have access to various resources (Sheep Pasture for wool, Tailor for clothes for villagers, Great Library to unlock improved studies for your Village, Bakery for bakery products, Wheat Field for wheat, etc.)

  • With other players, you will complete timed tasks through the Harbor for rewards (Coins).

  • How to create/join a Valley?

  • Valleys can be unlocked via the Study once upgraded to level 4.

  • How to leave a Valley?

  • To leave a Valley, you simply have to tap the Community icon (blue with three silhouettes at the bottom left when in the Valley) > tap Browse Valleys > select a new Valley either by entering its code or by choosing among the available ones > tap Join Valley.

  • Yes, you must always be part of a Valley, so best join one that matches your play style.

  • General Tips

  • No landscape mode available except on tablets.

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