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April Community Day: Stufful

📅 Saturday, April 23, 2022, from 2:00 p.m. → 5:00 p.m. (local time)

👉Please note that Community Day has been reduced back to a 3-hour event👈

April's Community Day will feature Stufful, the Flailing Pokémon, making its debut in Pokémon GO! During event hours, this sweet little teddy bear with a tag on its rear will be appearing very frequently in the wild. Lucky Trainers may even encounter a Shiny Stufful!

Event Bonuses

  • 3× Catch XP

  • 2× Catch Candy

  • 2× chance of receiving Stufful Candy XL from catching

  • 3 Hour Incense (when activated during the event)

  • 3 Hour Lure Modules (when activated during the event)

  • AR Snapshot photobomb encounters with Stufful

  • 1 additional Special Trade during event hours (+2 hours after)

  • 50% reduction in Stardust cost for trades during event hours (+2 hours after)

Exclusive Move

Evolve Stufful between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (local time) on Community Day into Bewear that will learn the following exclusive move:

Drain Punch

  • Trainer Battles: 20 power and increases the user’s Defense

  • Gyms and raids: 50 power

👉Please note that evolving Stufful into Bewear will require 400 Stufful candy👈

Group Play Bonuses

Trainers will be able to work together during Stufful Community Day to unlock additional bonuses:

  • "If enough Pokémon are caught near a single PokéStop with an active Lure Module, the 3× Catch XP bonus will become a 4× Catch XP bonus near that PokéStop for 30 minutes."

  • "This bonus will not stack with the base 3× catch XP bonus and will instead replace it for the duration."

Special Research Story: Strong Stuff

A ticketed Special Research Story, Strong Stuff, will be available in the in-game shop for $1 USD (or the equivalent pricing tier in local currency) closer to the day of the event.

Special Event Bundles

  • Free Ultra Ball bundle: an Event Box containing 30 Ultra Balls will be available in the shop at no cost

  • Community Day Box: a one-time purchase Event bundle will be available in the shop for 850 PokéCoins and will contain:

  • 15 Ultra Balls

  • 15 Pinap Berries

  • 1 Remote Raid Pass

  • 1 Elite Fast TM

  • Event-themed stickers will also be available from PokéStops, Gifts, and the in-game shop


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